Medical Malpractice – A Battle of the Experts

The law in Virginia requires that, much of the time, the patient must have trustworthy clinical specialists affirm for their sake at preliminary so as to be effective. The way that the patient endured a sad and surprising or unexplained result isn’t adequate to demonstrate the case. At Frith Law Firm we are “specialists” at discovering specialists. After we have firmly inspected our customer’s clinical records we direct our own exploration of the accessible clinical writing to get familiar with each progression of the surgery or treatment of the sickness at issue. All through the numerous long periods of our involvement with the territory of clinical negligence, we have set up a working relationship with various medical caretaker and doctor specialists all through the United States. We have worked with specialists from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Georgia, and Rhode Island among different states. These specialists work and instruct at the absolute most lofty clinical schools in the United States including:

College of Virginia Health System

Clinical College of Virginia

Georgetown University School of Medicine

Carolinas Medical Center

Duke University Medical Center

Earthy colored University Medical School

College of Mississippi Medical Center

East Carolina University School of Medicine

College of Pittsburgh Medical Center

College of Miami School of Medicine

Mount Sinai Medical Center (NY)

These specialists are clinical pros in the zones of:



General Surgery



Nervous system science



Crisis Medicine

Neuro Radiology

Vascular Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery






Family Practice



Spine Surgery


Inward Medicine

Pediatric Surgery

Colo Rectal Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

We find the master who is directly for your case and furnish that clinical expert with the entirety of the assets they have to help us with a fair and frank sentiment on the benefits of the case. We talk about with every customer, in detail, the entirety of the investigating specialists’ assessments and foreseen declaration. We make a solid effort to discover the perfect clinical master to help your case.

Dan Frith is a lawyer with Frith Law Firm in Roanoke, Virginia. He focuses his training on clinical misbehavior, nursing home maltreatment, nursing home disregard, lead paint harming, and business misdeeds.

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